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Industry Specific

We are an industry-specific solution focused on OCS, Vending, Bottled Water, and Food Service Companies. This means we are focused in the areas that are important to you and your customers. We have a unique knowledge of the industry, which allows us to assist you in planning & using your site most effectively. An understanding of the market you serve & the typical operating flow of companies like yours is critical to the development of a successful solution. Because we service only your industry, our solution is highly customized to contain features specific to the needs of OCS, Vending, Bottled Water, and Food Service Companies not found in other 'canned' solutions (i.e. Bottle Deposits, Pre-Calls, Route Schedules & more).


Everything about our system, from the way products are displayed, to customer specific pricing, to the way customer accounts are handled was written specifically for the way OCS operators/Bottled Water companies work.


We stand behind a proven track record of success designing and implementing online ordering systems for OCS Operators. In many cases, issues which you may need to educate other vendors about have already been handled by OCSAccess in previous installations. We have done this before for many other companies in your industry & have developed procedures & solutions to help make the process smoother for everyone. We at OCS Access posses a unique knowledge of your industry and have strong relationships with many of the companies you deal with on a daily basis. We know what it takes to get you up & running & know the critical elements needed to design a successful solution.


In-House Expertise

All development is performed in-house, giving us the ability to cater to the specific needs of your business. We are not a reseller, we are the actual developers. When you call to speak to someone at OCS Access for any reason, you are speaking to a developer who has in depth knowledge of how the system is programmed and operates. In-house development also gives us the ability to write modules from scratch if need be or modify existing code to suit the needs of you and your customers.

Clean Code

Fully Integrated

We offer the only online ordering solution fully integrated into almost all of the existing industry backend systems (MEI, Streamware, Metroplex, ChallengeMaster, Prism) and many custom systems. With OCSAccess the huge up front data loading effort is gone as the setup process becomes streamlined. You gain the advantage of using your backend system to update product, customer & pricing information without having to learn new software & duplicating data entry efforts. You have the ability to show your customers their specific pricing as opposed to using list pricing across all accounts.


Unlike other cart solutions, which limit your product line offerings, our backend integration allows you to update your web product offerings as often as you would like without needing to contact & pay the developing company.


Because OCS Access has developed so many backend interfaces, standard and custom alike, we can easily accommodate any new backend system your company may migrate to. No matter what new versions or new system vendor you may find your company implementing, our Online Ordering System can go with you & stay in place without affecting your customers. OCS Access simply creates new integration routines in our Web Updater software (running on your dedicated PC). Your online store will continue to function as an integrated solution and your customers never need to know any change took place & don't have to deal with new site designs and/or functionality.


Continuous Enhancements

We continue to develop new features, adding additional value to the customer experience, resulting in a more robust product. Our experience with a broad spectrum of OCS/Vending/Bottled Water/Food Service Operators and their subsequent needs/suggestions allows us to expand our product based on industry knowledge and feedback. Therefore the enhancements in the OCS Access software become enhancements that are useful and beneficial to your organization.

Clean Code
A Solution For Every Need.

OCS Access can you take your business online with innovative websites, cutting-edge e-commerce systems, customizable web solutions and results-ready tablet applications. With online branding experience like ours, we can find a solution that fits your OCS company. Think of OCS Access as your one-stop creative shop for crafting a powerful online presence.

  • OCS eCommerce Websites
  • OCS Mobile eCommerce Websites
  • Routes Sales via Tablet (RouteSel)
  • Website Design
A Solution For Today's World.

In today's business environment information technology is changing at a fast pace. Companies are finding it difficult to respond to constantly changing cutting edge technology needs and initiatives using only internal staff. Let us be your source.

  • You can be selling from a beautiful, user-friendly site quickly and easily!
  • Designed to seamlessly integrate your business operations.
  • Target Your Mobile Customers
  • Promote Your Business
  • Reach More Customers
  • Competitive Edge
  • Great for selling off the truck
  • Managed accounts (bring up to par levels)
  • Ideal for Freevend accounts
  • Functional, intuitive sites in every facet of design, from the navigation to the content.
  • Ask us about mobile sites toos!
  • HTML Email Design & Send Services
  • The email inbox is a noisy busy place for a newsletter to land. So when your email does arrive, make sure it doesn’t waste their time.
  • Print Media: Posters, Flyers, Trade Show Banners, etc.
  • Logo Design
  • Much More!

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